Aamchi Mumbai!

Its May in India! Traditionally a hot month all over the country. Irrespective of where you maybe, Goa beachside or high altitude Bangalore, or in aamchi Mumbai, the heat is a killer!

Then again maybe its my intolerance of the heat that makes me feel absurdly bothered! Today travelling from Santacruz to Andheri to Chembur and then back to Bandra, simply had me in a tizzy! Despite a beautifully strong aircon in the car, the effort it takes to cross the road to go to Alpha and then on return to wait for the car to come out of the parking - the sun beats down unrelentingly and I can feel the sweat beads start to form on my forehead! If this is not enough the human traffic on the roads is another story altogether! Given thr is'nt enough covered parking in the city, the car often has to be left parked right under the sun, as a result by the time you come back to the car, you are sitting in a ultra hot oven!

Once inside Alpha the aircon is just for namesake, because the door is perpetually being opened every second, the number of people inside the store is phenomenal- how can the aircon possibly keep pace with this churn?!

Gosh, when will May give way to the monsoon clouds I see forming every evening in the skies? When will the rains cool down this parched city? When will the cart pulling man heave a cool sigh of releif. When will the scattered thin green in the city learn to shrug off the dust n grime and breathe and grow again?

Need rescue and respite from this Mumbai heat soon!


Naina said...

So you actually went to Alpha in this heat! I shuttle between Gurgaon and Bombay and usually I prefer the heat of Bombay as compared to the heat of Gurgaon - in the north you get fried and dried - atleast in Bombay you're breathing humid air and the chances of ENT illnesses are mightily reduced. Heh. Couldn't think of how else to say that Bombay's better than Gurgaon ;)

Mee said...

hehehehe, anyday bombay over delhi man! despite the heat - )

sashee said...

Mumbai remains active long after sun sinks in western hemisphere. For fair skin debonair females i think the good time to visit Alpha in May or any of these hot months are evenings :)

Unknown said...

the heat, the narrow streets, the hustle bustle of traffic everythings is a bit much in mumbai during summers:-(

Ajeya said...

I went to alpha for the first time in May! OMG!

Mee said...

Yep Shashee:)

Maliks- Delhi no different:)

Hehehe Ajeya:)