We all have the travel bug in us

Last night at a fascinating dinner do (defined by food) I got branded the person with the travel bug! Amidst ex-colleagues, bosses and a few friends they traded many a remark in good humour about my frequent travel breaks. I wasn't sure if they were complaining, or envious or plain unhappy about it. And then I reasoned did it matter?!:)

Mulling over 'the travel bug' remark this morning, the light rains helped resolve it nicely for me. What is the travel bug? Dont we all have it?

For the past few months I’ve been working on serious stuff, high voltage stuff - taken up all attention and energy and in turn has left me pining for some break time. Every time I see a plane take off…I am a wee bit nostalgic of those travelers on board who are onto a journey of sorts. I can’t help but wish I were on that plane heading to a new destination for new discoveries. Its like I have an inbuilt 'auto button' which trips every time the heart and mind demand time out.

My mum would say to me the travel bug is most present in me because I have moles on my feet and calf! Hence there will be lots of travel in my destiny:) Simplified? Guess the truth is one needs to crave discoveries and exploration and always be hungry to know and feel more. There is a world out there I want to know. I have this deep desire to travel to destinations unknown (even if it were to a remote small town outside my city - I would be as excited- as I would if I were traveling to Ibiza) - What is this longing for unknown and new destinations? Why does my pulse start to race when I think about autumn in the States, or the way the sun sparkles on the great mountains in Bhutan or the sense of history hanging over the Pyramids in Egypt? If I could, I would pack my bags this instant and jump on a plane headed anywhere but here for the sheer pleasure of getting a new stamp in my passport. O the thrill of something awaiting ahead, races through me. Or perhaps it’s the break from everyday discipline of life that has me transformed to top gear.

Kevin Costner said something very profound in the movie Rumor Has It - “Life has to be a little nuts sometimes. Otherwise it's just a bunch of Thursdays strung together.” I want to be able to travel to distances far and near, explore and discover, feel joyous and alive with new knowledge, new feelings, new discoveries, new interpretations - so that every time I look back I won’t be looking back on a collection of Thursdays, but on memories made in faraway places.