Travel Woes

I travel atleast 2-3 days of a week, and sometimes its not a fun thing. First of all one has to work within allocated budget that is provided by office and really waste much time in researching every city to be able to come up wth something half decent and comfortable! You have to get to a 4 or 5 star hotel to find the near comfort of ones home and this means not 5 star service but good "living space". Then comes the woe of checking in- as soon as I reach a city I get to work and only look to check in late evening when work is behind me - there have been times where the hotel has given up on me because I did not surface at 12pm noon for my room reservation, hence they assumed I was not coming! Then starts the renegotiation all over again on the availability of a room, wasting time at the reservations desk, watching people pass you by, when all you want is a hot shower!

The other beauty about living in a hotel is the toiletries. Once you get used to one brand of soaps, moisturizers, shampoo, body wash and then you change your hotel in another city to another chain of hotel you've had it! I carry my toiletries kit always with me and no matter if it is an upper class chain of hotels or not, I simply dont use their kits nomore! My skin desrves better.

O yes, have you noticed how the rooms are so well AC'd that the windows never open? I dont much care really because at night I simply need my sleep - all else can wait.
The hotels, do their best to stock well on different types of pillows, beds etc so am not conmplainting when I stay with Sheraton - they do look after needs. I cant help but mention some hotels that have bad acoustics insulation - where when one door of another room shuts or open you feel it is your room and somebody unknown has entered! Scarryyy at night!

I have to proclaim loud and clear here I love coming back home :-)