Benares is Varanasi

A friend of mine nudged me to watch this brilliant docu on NatGeo or was it BBC, on, Varanasi. Not a romanticised version of this religious city, nor a drubbled to the ground version of dirt and grime and pollution in the Ganges river, but a very matter of fact narration with as many aspects as could capture of a city where people celeberate birth and death with equal piouty

I was simply captivated! I absolutely have to see this holy city myself- not as much from a spiritual point of view but from a discovery context. I want to see the waters in the day and by night, I want to hear the temple bells and see the magical aarti's by evening, feel the civilization and live, breathe on the steps of Ganges. To hopefully, get a small glimpse, into the soul of this most mystical city of India

Here I come Varanasi- next month definitely, as the wanderlust has now bitten bad, for this "must visit", on my list of travels:-)


sashee said...

..and kashi too.....well vagabonds enjoy walking on the streets of varanasi..with time face has chnaged so are the people..but still lot is hidden to explore. Kulhar mein Lasse near Vishwanath Galli , Laung Latta ( one of its kind sweet available at every corner)...Lord Shiva here is in form of Mokshaling and so when you visit vishwanath temple wish for Moksha. Very high scurity area but very helpful. Avoid any contact with pandas ( Pundits). Lord Shiva need no mediator between him and you. Well, also vit Sarnath, BHU, Sankat Mochan,Mahakali Temple and last but not least Godawalia market for shopping.

Ganges, perhaps in summer you will miss the intensity but you will feel sad coz of people apathy towrds this. Ram teri Ganga mailee hogayee .you will humm!

All said and done, its worth experiencing !

Mee said...

Awww, i am already feeling not good:-(
Nonetheless thanks for all these tips and pointers
Btw we all are expecting you and your better half to be with us there:-)

melinda said...

Lucky you, you are headed to Benares? Envy you! Been wanting to go thr for years now.
Stay away from street food pls!

malika said...

wld luv 2 go thr one day...given my second home is thr!!

ALLEX said...

I can never forget this holy city.... call it coincidence or god's decree, whenever i have always visited it prior to announcement of results of entrance exams and I have always found that I have come out with flying colours everytime.... my last visit was prior to CAT's result for MBA......... hope to visit it again :)

Mee said...

Mel- I did have one kachori aloo thr frm a small restau but everything thr is like tat..the places are not snazzy but this place had loadsa people visiting it, and I must admit the food was awesome thr! :)

Maliks Allex- u both must:)