Midtown Manhattan

An enviable address indeed!

The core of Midtown Manhattan is referred to as The Plaza district where I was staying while in NY. It is the most expensive real estate from a commercial perspective

Timesquare the epicenter of theatre culture , Fifth avenue, Hudson river, Central Park, Columbus circle, Diamond district, East river, MoMA, Carniege Hall, Times Warner center, Madison Square garden, Trump tower, Bloomigdales , Saks , Macys, Tiffany, Broadway, 34th and 42nd streets, Empire State Building, Rockefellar Building- phew I am out of breath- Midtown is THE place to be in!

Amidst this plush world there also exist Flea markets – these, once upon a time were a source of local color, There are so many of them now, that any sense of novelty is gone, and they create clogged streets and unbearable traffic. The worst part, however, is that they are uniformly bland. Though the five boroughs are filled with an incredible diversity of businesses and artists, the overwhelming majority of street markets seem to have the same few items for sale, such as tube socks, LP’s, old broken cupboards, knockoff purses and gyros

Amidst bustle: call it noise or call it energy, NY streets always flow with people in a rush, shoppers with their trolley bags – a concept I have seen only in NY: as if ready to catch the next flight! People are always shopping, eating or window gazing in this magnificent city.


Diwakar said...

Oh yeh !...its almost surreal to be standing some where in the center of the Times square and take a 360 degree view...its all so bright in the night with soooooo many glow signs and neon lights.

My God, the lights can be blinding. But its a perfect way to symbolize the cauldron that Manhattan is.

And another gem of freedom on the streets a la american ishtyle: naked cowboy. Boy thats funny. No land can put shackles on the spirit of the man ( not used in a genderspecific way), when it is in adamant mood. The photo in your blog posting says it all.

Vivek said...

I would genuinely agree with Diwakarji on his admiration of your composition of pictures and these sequels of travelbytes together...super fluid I say. (especially with reference to articles before this one)

I'm still smiling thinking about the shrinking corridoor every time you comeback with your mindfull of experience :)

And I think food is definately a one off inspiration to your writing coz its so evident -- I almost feel its given a good aftertaste to my dingy meal at office today.

Have heard of extreme cases of places where consumerism breeds full-on. And can only imagine what packaging could do when quality is a given parameter (Well offcourse recent news was on Christine Dior Lipsticks full of lead content). Also remembering a green tea box I recently saw from (Marks & Spencers-(no comparison)-Looked like Brylcream!! Further still just remebered how every beverage even wine makers in India want to get into mineral water making the Bottle Shape its USP to add premium to the product.

You were being driven in a Limo -- oh my god -- I think i must take a deep breath and stop at that.

Jai ho Manhattan ki!

Lekin comparing cities by my experience of a weekend full of drive in Delhi I must pinpoint-- its infrastructure is picking up like CRAZY vis a vis sab chalta hai Mumbai! But offcourse we can't live now without the noise can we ;) May be we should start with comparing Borivalli National Park to Newark's Central Park...who needs the animals let loose in a city anyways...

ALLEX said...

I think you are totally right in your views. The good cities for which the inhabitants can boast off are loosing their luster mainly because of the crowd density. In an effort to hold on to the natural glory , what remains is the dazzling lights litting up the horizon

Mee said...

Vivek sir i so know what you are empathising with- am scared we will forma MAS here, but dude you too write very well indeed:-)