Dinner in New York

Its early yet but its now close to 40+ hours without sleep and my god I want to now have a shuteye! And I honestly wanted some home food, tender care and a good bed to sleep in!

So our limo driver kindly drove us to a place, which converts to, a street full of bars and lounges by night and this far in the evening it was still quiet n peaceful. The same street at night is crawling with youth, music, beer, and much noise fun and laughter

Our limo driver took us to a Indian restaurant which looked more like an Irani dukkan minus the pav, and the white eggs on the counter of the shop owner! This shop had a giant fridge with all beverages and a open style buffet

The food looked Indian all right but tasted- not IndianL I was very disappointed as good food is my way to eventually fall asleep, well, anyway, had food, and moved back to the hotel.

The lobby of the hotel looked even more tinier, the corridors dark n a bit suspect, I snooped and looked around my room very carefully before I turned the locks on and almost wanted to get out n go back into the crowds for lack of me feeling safe here!

No sleep! So TV it was! Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Hollywood’s perfect men, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and more of the same- and at some point my eyes slowly started turning down and I distinctly remember seeing the clock just above the TV- 3 am! Definitely time to sleep!

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