Call home from the other side of the world

Every morning I would wake – to tiny sun rays creeping through the windows, I would leave a wee little space open between the sheers and the heavy curtains – for a bit of light to streak into my room, so that I could wake up to Bombay evenings while in New York morning!

And surely the sun would wake me, then the cheery sound of my familys voice who would enquire most diligently as to how I was doing, my heart would be crying being away from them, my mouth would be telling them stories of everyday NY!

And thus would start my day in the bustling city of New York


Diwakar said...

I like "waking up to Bombay evenings while in New York mornings". well said.

The mornings are pretty bright in New York and sun is quite sharp ( whatever space the rays can find thru between highrises to kiss the cemented roads down below ).

On this i am reminded of and hugely miss north India December morning sun ( whenebver it can smile out of the fog). It is so much fun....one has to wake up early to enjoy that sight and feel the tickling warmth on the dry and cold skin. It also reminds me of my childhood growing up in Lucknow when such sunny wintery noons were reserved for roasted peanuts and green chilli coriander salt. Yummy. Thanks Manhattan and thanks to that wee little space between the sheers and the heavy curtains for bringing the sunshine memory to me.

Mee said...

O tat is lovely ever sit on the cots in cold wintry light sunny days? Its Heaven:)