Sweet Victoria’s Secret

I had the badly needed shower upon checking into the hotel room and was ready to fall asleep - imagine no sleep for over 30hours now! But boy I wasn’t going to let sleep come in the way of seeing this famed city, no ways! There would be time to sleep at night!

I struggled to keep awake, resented the doorbell and the TV sounds breaking the numbness setting in my brain after the shower. Almost napped away over a cuppa coffee - for lack of sleep!

It was 5 pm now and time to get ready to hit the streets – my first day in New York!
So after much debate with the ‘to-do’ list decided to drive around and stop somewhere not too noisy and nice! That’s an oxymoron if you know what I mean! Nothing in Manhattan is not noisy, its like an organized “aamchi Mumbai” – honest! The difference being sexy cars on the roads there, nicely maintained yellow cabs, people who maintained some respect for the law, lots of pavements to walk for pedestrians, hugely tall buildings that aimed to touch the sky, lots of food places, much haute couture too, lots of glitz yes!

And lo behold where do I make a stop ultimately? Victoria Secret- my first shopping stop! I keep reminding myself as I walk slowly checking all- from its interiors, to its beauty products to lingerie to everything that I need to go slow and not go berserk! Tough task I assure you! I wanted to buy everything! I had assured Anika that no beauty stuff for me from VS- but hey was she to know if I bought it?! J I was seriously totally awed by the huge size of this plush store, it stocked just about everything I wanted! I was a lot poorer when I came away from the store! And the lady at the cash counter wanted my email address and postal address because I had shopped so much I should have been a loyalty customer! But alas – I had to break her heart and tell her I live in India ( do you know where it is?), I dont live in the Big Apple. And for the time I was in USofA I got called by many nationalities but never and Indian- its probably my colour. Infact once a friend jokingly asked me if mum had an affair with a westerner ( because of the way I am) and I repeated that to my mum who was not amused then. So, coming back to ViSecret, between you and me for all the days I was there I went back again and again to VS I think about 4 times, Loyal and definitely poor now!


Sonia Dsouza said...

I think it is given for us women... Shopping is a must! We are always perfect & "the best" when it comes to shopping!!!
No matter how much we resist & promise ourselves & people around! After all promises are meant to be broken!

Diwakar said...

Must say you are putting in some very dramatic photographs .....and they tell the story as well. I am kind of liking your style of putting a visual to your blogs...keep going !!

Raj said...

shopping!!!woh kya hota hai..