Arrival In New York

Gazing out of the limo into the streets of New York, what struck me instantaneously was how little of the sky one gets to see in NYC! But quickly that thought was pushed aside to seek the action – and I promise you there is a lot there!

Upon reaching the hotel which was booked for us, the tiny cramped lobby had receptionists who probably were not having their best day then – one of them very matter of fact-ly informed us that check-in was at 3 pm and that they cannot give us a room any earlier!

We decided to get our “to - do” list out and said, Best Buy - here I come! Within close distance we found a Best Buy, which Julian (a friend), had suggested for me to check out.

Did you know that Best Buy is a Fortune 100 company and the largest retailer in of consumer electronics in USA? Audio , cameras, music, movies, camcorders, games, toy, home appliances, software, phones…the list is endless!

Best Buy’s concept of customer centricity really works at minute details- it configures its stores to serve the needs of the particular customer segments that predominate in the area of that store, to a service, where you can pre book appointments to have a service attendant devoted completely to you. Best Buy building exteriors are usually light brown with the entrance in an area designed to look like a blue box emerging from the rest of the structure.

Definitely a must visit for anybody looking to buy any of the above in the USA , by now my legs and tummy both were talking to me – tme for a shower first for the weary traveller, then some food and rest before the evening beckoned us for more action soon! Found our way back to this strangely compact hotel and a hot shower was the need of the hour!


Diwakar said...

The tiny lobby Hotel we were booked into is a boutique hotel based on the theme of american outback hotel as the tale goes. It is nestled on the bradway, squeezed between two theatres. One was showing Chicago musical and the other was showing TONY Award winner-Medley.

The street in front & back are filled with theatre and opera loving tourists and NYkers. So for the theatre and art loving public, we were initiatlly lodged at the most happening place.

The theme was all red....wish i could put a photograph here !!

ALLEX said...

Its quite interesting to know about your experience in BestBuy. here in India also as the retail chains are coming up with innovative concepts hope you have similar experience back home also.