Kelanajaya Starbucks it is!

Days on end I would wake up at noon or thereafter, and laze much after and then rouse myself to take a shower n meet the world outside. Such luxury I have not known before:-)

So slowly now that I had started to come awake, my tummy would ask for some food! Taxi! And a hop skip n jump I am at Starbucks! A yummy s/w, a double espresso, the newspaper to catch up on the city gossip and the background ambient sounds of the barristas cheerful voices thanking patrons or welcoming them, always kept me feeling safe and secure, as if at home. This lazy feeling continued, with a bluberry muffin to keep company and yet another coffee latte!:-)

By then its a couplea hours gone, am having a scintillating conversation with some locals or some westerners, and after a while its time for shopping:-)



Taking a break - What this really means in our parents language is, no work, no laptops or blackberry's, no calls or text msgs (ok,maybe a few), no worry lines, no "thinking"!

In my world too it would mean the same, but alas, can we stay away from our gadgets? No ways, God forbid if that happens we will be cold turkeying, thinking why has the phone not rang yet or imagining it ring when it is in power off mode, or why is the red light not blinking on the BB why is the world so slow and not working!?!

What are we? Slaves to our work?:-) I think in a way we are, right?!:-)

On one of our holidays we friends decided to put the world behind us, and simply be. Which meant we kept our phones off as soon as we landed in the resort and switched it on only when we were at the departure terminal 4 days later. Otherwise the phone was used just once a night daily to call home and check all's well

It was beautiful to not be disturbed at all, sleep, eat, enjoy life, without any intrusions of any kind especially the kinds we have so got used to:-)

I hope that we will take such breaks ever so often , does a world of good for the soul.


Aborigines in Oz

They say one does'nt get the whole picture of Australia, till one makes an effort to get to know some about the aborigines culture

This post is anecdotal, as I heard many friends living in Oz speak about the aborigines

The word 'aboriginal' means the first, or earliest known. These are natives or old inhabtants, not invaders or new dwellers. Australia may well be the home of the first people of the world. The aborigines have a special affinity with the land they live on as they believe their food comes from what is avialble locally and naturally. There are stories too about how they used to draw water - they drained dew and obtained water from certain trees and roots. They were known to even dig and squeeze out frogs, which store water in their body

Australian Aboriginal society has the longest continuous cultural history in the world - dating back to the last ice age - and despite concerted efforts to stamp it out, it's still very much alive.

Aborigines migrated from somewhere in Asia atleast 30,000years ago and have some unifying links back with their roots.Among these are strong spiritual beliefs that tie them to their land, a tribal culture of storytelling and art, a difficult colonial history ... these would sound familiar, very familiar, to an Asian, even today

The Australian PM very recently has apologized to the aborigines for having taken their land and relegated them to the deep interiors. I wonder if they will get speacial previleges and status in Australia ever?

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef has been known to and used by the Aboriginal Australian and Torres Strait Islander people. Aboriginal Australians have been living in the area from at least 40,000 years ago,and Torres Strait Islanders since about 10,000 years ago. For these 70 or so clan groups, the reef is also an important part of their culture and spirituality. More on this, in my next post.

Larger than the Great Wall of China and the only living thing visible from space, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven wonders of the natural world. The 2000km conglomeration of colourful coral stretches along the Queensland seaboard makes for some of the most spectacular diving landscape imaginable.

Due to its diversity in sealife , warm clear waters and its accessibility the reef became our haven for snorkelling and scuba diving for the next couple of days,it was a pure getaway for us city dwellers, a super break away from the hustle bustle of life in the city.

This Island we stayed in was largely natural - a sweep of caster sugar sands that is home to turtles and birds. This tiny coral cay is both part of the Great Barrier Reef and surrounded by it, its pristine waters host to an unimaginable variety of marine life including coral and fish.

This island allowed access to the pristine reef and beach environments including rare turtle and bird breeding grounds. We were able to enjoy exceptional snorkelling, bird watching, island and reef walks and all we did was simply relaxed within the peaceful natural setting, enjoying the stunning views.

This Island we stayed in, called Wilson, had comfortable designer-inspired tented accommodations on six permanent tent sites and is packaged with pre and post accommodation at Heron Island as a complete 5-night escape. The remote coral cay is located 8 nautical miles from Heron Island (Approximately 40 minutes by boat).

We were drawn to this island as the city life had eroded a lot from us, and we literally wanted a back to nature break. This break allowed us pristine nature, seclusion and the freedom from modern-day living. To my mind W Island is the Great Barrier Reef as nature intended.