Taking a break - What this really means in our parents language is, no work, no laptops or blackberry's, no calls or text msgs (ok,maybe a few), no worry lines, no "thinking"!

In my world too it would mean the same, but alas, can we stay away from our gadgets? No ways, God forbid if that happens we will be cold turkeying, thinking why has the phone not rang yet or imagining it ring when it is in power off mode, or why is the red light not blinking on the BB why is the world so slow and not working!?!

What are we? Slaves to our work?:-) I think in a way we are, right?!:-)

On one of our holidays we friends decided to put the world behind us, and simply be. Which meant we kept our phones off as soon as we landed in the resort and switched it on only when we were at the departure terminal 4 days later. Otherwise the phone was used just once a night daily to call home and check all's well

It was beautiful to not be disturbed at all, sleep, eat, enjoy life, without any intrusions of any kind especially the kinds we have so got used to:-)

I hope that we will take such breaks ever so often , does a world of good for the soul.


dbatreja said...

I totally agree with you. I am so use to these gadgets that the only thing I check beyond my wallet is my phone, everything else has become less important in life.

Hope you find Malaysia to be a rejuvenating experience before you go back to the grind.

sabith khan said...

Hi Meenakshi

Heard you have moved on from Ogilvy...

Do pass me your email id. Mine is

Do keep in touch and hope you are enjoying your break from work...


lalit said...

a break to me is abt unwinding and forgetting all the worries, I dont think I have yet taken one of these kind of breaks!

malika said...

Lappu, are you listening?:-) Ladakh or Varanasi?:-)

Mee said...

Dbatreja Yea I knw what you mean

Sabith- was wonderful


Maliks- so was it Laddakh?