Silicon Valley, Bangalore, India

Bangalore - always blessed with a pleasant climate, beautiful parks, canopied avenues, and a rich cultural heritage with a cosmopolitan touch.

A city ahead of its times, Bangalore heralded the Information Technology revolution way back in the 1980s. It has earned its spot in the international arena with landmark progress in IT, bio-technology, garment manufacturing, industrial development, real estate, health, higher education and hospitality.

Silicon city has now started to see growth pangs which are painful. A 15min distance to cover 2 yrs ago now can take an hour many times. The weather that this IT city is to be used to, is fast vanishing , leaving in its wake dry scratchy heat!

Construction work seems to be in progress everywhere you look and that to my mind is contributing to the heat island effect in this garden city

Despite all this downslide Bangalore is very close to my heart. This city was my first home away from home. I was lucky to have made some precious friends there, grew professionally, got myself a lovely home, hung out at my fave places, and most importantly I found my independance there

I sincerely wish Bangalore finds a solution to all its problems soon


mathatheist said...

I hope so too.

I loved this city when I came here for the first time. The streets were lined with trees, the weather was so perfect that not many homes had fans, the laid back lifestyle, the pubs, the long lunches at Victoria, the short distances. It's almost all gone now. Sigh.

Brian said...

ya.. Its kinda painful to see the city detorate at such a fast pace.. owning a property within the city is a distant dream for many middle class families today.

Only hope for many is Mysore city which is still affordable and calm but one needs to take a cut back on their professional growth


malika said...

all India cities are facing the same pangs! I wonder when this pain will be behind us, and when we will get to enjoy modernity

Mee said...

Soon guys soo things will be back to good with Bglr- cmon have the faith!:)

Anonymous said...

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