Hop on a hot air ballon in Cambodia, Siem Reap

The joys of ballooning! Standing unharnessed in the wicker basket, flying and swaying gently with the wind, almost makes me believe it to be like the planquins of the gods:-)

This ride takes me back to Jaipur and the hot air balloon there, going up reaching the skies early morning and near sunset- magical, so adventourous!

However getting into a balloon for a ride or getting off it, is not as easy as getting into a bus, or tying a seatbelt in an aircraft, The 6500m balloon needs to be inflated with not hot air cannons that spew air but with an inflator fan!

There are no ladders to climb into the ballon when inflated and looking gigantic- you simply hop on into the basket which also stores lpg gas cylinders that pump air into the hot air balloon during the flight,

I was so captivated with this balloon and the skies and the ride I forgot I had my camera for clickling photos with me! Passing over pvt pools, and castles and heritage sites, with people below all reduced to a mere speck! I eventually went trigger happy.

An expereince worth having I promise:-)


david santos said...

Excellent page, Mee!

mathatheist said...

A few friends of mine just did a trip to Africa and floated over the Masai Mara on a massive colorful hot air balloon. It looked like a load of fun. As does what you did. Goes down on my list as one more thing I'll definitely do someday. :)

malika said...

I think if I had to do this, "meri to phatttt...ttt jaati!", but am sure it would have been a lovely experience.

anil said...

Hi meeeee,
can you believe i saw your invite to visit your blog by chance?? i dunno how i received your messege on a mob that i havent used in an year not to forget the # too is ded !! saw your messg jus as i was deleting everything on it coz a friend needed a set !! WOW !
Great reading your escapades !!Keep it up !!
Anil Shanker :)

Mee said...

David - ty:)
mathaethist- u must:)
Maliks- no you wont be scared its fun!:)
Anil- cool, ty:)