A Journey, with back to the wall

The frustration of losing the last match, particularly after having England on the mat at 114 for 7, weighs heavy on the mind

I honestly had given up on cricket after the World Cup debacle - but Jim (who is now back home in London), with his sms’s and mails never let me forget that he was enjoying the match at Old Trafford! While I, was grinding my teeth. Then Howard (who also is from London) started saying o me how well England was doing! That was enough of a red flag for me to go back to watching cricket, and the stupid optimism was back, in a team which is so badly looking to find form!

If they don’t go into the game tomorrow with a positive attitude, they can come back home and resign the series to England!

Are we capable of winning, are we capable of turning on the heat, will we fix the No. 3 position soon enough...make me almost, not want to, watch the journey of India’s cricket team today at Headingley!

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Rahul said...

Well now we are World Champions again but can we call ourselves as WC when we keep on loosing matches abroad. We are Lions at home and kitten abroad!

I myself have given up on Cricket.