By lane to main road

Weekend dawns and it is a sign of reducing the throttle and speed of life and cruising the slope on neutral

So with much difficulty I roused myself from laziness and moved outdoors to run errands for home - weekend is all about home isn’t it.

Slid into my swanky clean just washed car and it purred awake with a light touch and we were ready to meet tar now. On my way out from the car park to the lane outside the building, we were in gear 1 and doing just fine, many walkers who took to this lane did so for lack of pavements and rainwater puddles in which one could swim!

Making way, staying away from the cab driver mentality of honking incessantly, I made my way to the main road. All well thus far.

Managing to weave my way from pesty auto rickshaws and the black n yellows who could happily bump into cars with no loss to them, I was well into the main highway now and cruising in 5th gear with much rain pelting the windscreen – the feeling was “ no , not again, I don’t want streets clogging n flooding again’, and for a brief second a good positive feeling too crossed my brain- the rains actually cleanses and makes Bombay look better than reality, the sky looks large and expansive and BKC looks deserted and wide open.

The radio belted top Bollywood songs and I was now driving on auto on the highway - many steps ahead in my mind,already at the laundry and at Patel’s wanting to be done with the chores.

And Bam! A Dumper rammed into a Honda Civic right next to my lane and cars behind screeched, honked in anger for being rudely stopped midtrack. The Dumper driver jumped out and ran for his dear life, and the crestfallen car driver’s door had jammed because of the terrible crush, the damage to front bender and the door, was much, from where I could see. Of course many fine words flew in the air and pandemonium had swung the mood into total alert. I sat there in the car for well over 30mins, the best picture that describes this situation is with my mob camera, and, finally the cops arrived, the roads opened up once again and I was on my way all over again- the rain harder now.


JJJ said...

OH MY Gawd!!!! Exactly why I am extremely lazy to go out anywhere on the weekends.
My mother has returned home with dents on the car doors, broken car lights. It has become amusing now. It is almost a competition between mom and dad on who has more dents and who had fights with rickshaws.

I don't drive..coz umm i don't know how to and I wonder how will I do when one day I will take to the wheel??? I am certain ROAD RAGE will prevail when I drive.

Sumaiya said...

I can truly understand what it feels like... Last week when we were driving to Lonavla, just when the toll naka was nearing, we slowed down because of the speed breaker. A car came in full speed & rammned into our car from behind. Luckily in Accord you have a bigger dicky so we all sitting ahead were saved...

Rahul said...

Indian roads no doubt are scary doesnt matter its raining or not, roads are always filled with fools.

I don't know why truck/bus driver flee from accident site, something to do with our system or society or both.

May you always stay safe :)