Jet from Delhi to Bombay

I travel a lot inside India and this was my 4th week, consecutive travel, from Delhi to Bombay. In Bombay it was raining and Delhi was boiling hot! Bombay doesn’t allow me time to step out, beyond meetings and Delhi I had to squeeze time out of meetings to catch some fried food that added more calories to me, in Bombay the roads frustrate me, in Delhi the roads are heavenly to drive on, Bombay despite the madness there is some sense and sensibility that prevails, in Delhi - the heat drives all sense and sensibility out of a human being!

I am, what they call, a frequent flier with Jet Airways in India- a platinum card holder- so I assume that comes with some benefits- but what do you know - the benefits don’t encompass food. I typically am a small but picky eater, who looks for food that is different and beckoning.

This time returning back from Delhi to Bombay- I honestly was working myself into eating dinner onboard- and I saw the menu- the same menu for the last 4 weeks! Now I don’t repeat the same food at home over any 2 days in a fortnight, so how could I deal with the same menu for the 4th week in this plane? Just the sight and look of the food was enough to put me off to sleep. But the hunger pangs grew and I stirred myself to wakefulness and saw a trolley being prepared with desserts, and I said to myself well...lets have this.

What do you know- the airhostess served all passengers in my row and ignored me. I felt very cheated and debated in my head- should I get angry and demand my right, should I tick her off, should I do this...or that- and finally shamelessly when a steward was passing by I asked for some bread pudding which he graciously got for me. One spoon of it and I was ready to throw up- really bad stuff, that. I repented having given way to Satan! I should have continued sleeping and should have been patient circling over Bombay 21st in the landing queue- and let the hunger be.

Did someone say a Delhi meeting again?


Raj said...

the food standard sucks in majority of the airlines.. our good ol rajdhani express dishes out better stuff.. if only it would reach delhi in 2 hrs..

lilram said...

Stephen Hawking in his book- "A brief History of time" talks of the time dilation effect when he says that if you were to spend your life circling the globe in an airplane at 30,000 kms per hr you would add a few microseconds to your life, but with all that airline food, you might die much faster!

So my advice- stay hungry on board and with all this platinum card bit you'll grow a mite younger. I almost never travel so I age gracefully at sea level!

Kumar Subramaniam said...

Business opportunity!! Can good take away options be sold to people who are sick of eating the same food again and again - how much premium would you have paid to get variety that night!!

ALLEX said...

I think the rajdhani is also following the footsteps of the jet and deteriorating day by day. Hopes of good food during travelling is gone i think!

JJJ said...

Maybe what we need is a rage..a frequent flyer's rage... to shake up the civil aviation catering industry. If this is not controlled right away, I firmly believe that a promising aviation industry will slowly b disoriented... the air traffic, the airline service and airline etiquette, all of it, has to be disciplined.. There should exist a system which will ensure a satisfying flying experience.