First trip to the States

I am like a little child all wonderous and excited about USA. At lunch we discuss the States, at home I discuss what to buy with my family who patiently allow me to talk till I am tired, and even with clients I am asking where to go, what to buy, where to eat, what to see ...non stop barrage of questions and plans keep brewing in my mind

I am a travel weary person who suddenly finds herself so looking forward to NYC. The Big apple- here I come.

So many of my friends travel to USA so often , I have yet to see somebody not happy when travelling there:-)

Why? I wonder dreamily- but I dont want to know the answer yet- I want to discover for myself when I get there


DC said...

Hey Meenakshi...Cheers and congrats..Guess you will be seeing USA finally after much anticipation..

Curious about your picture selection for the post though......Cheers

Vivek said...

I've actually got nervous to write into this 1st blog o' mine, especially after reading your writing. Its so clear of thoughts expressed and leaves so much space for the reader to ponder on. The pictures hold solid impressions.

Read all ur travellogues at once so have a 'cocktale' in mind. Love for travel and meeting people at providence has atleast taken the 1st toll on me and I'm still drunk on the path which seems unforegone like a static picture of a tree I'd like to keep preserved, untill my next trip and until then, bask under its warmth in the mist of routine life whenevr possible.
It surprises me a lil to know how excited you are to got to the US since ur such a seasoned traveler. This is because even though I'm dying to, I'd almost be frightened to go anywhere outside India! My sister was travelling all over the world on job with an airline. I've had friends from Europe, Middle east, America and I'm so overloaded with information that sometimes I feel that when I finally do get a chance to go outside the domestic frontiers I'd have some serious communication inhibitions, considering the amount of pre-conceived notions I carry. Talking about common languages--Kindness, love, humor and common manners might help me do the rope walk--but not fix on any opinion. (-Isn't that an opinion?)
In my trip to Sikkim, I met an American Budhist practicing the Nath/ Shiva philosophy--Indians are smart and so is Sanskrit and those who use the language--there are always atleast two components to everything--Life a paradox I guess. for e.g. Vivek has two meanings atleast 1. conscience 2. righteous discrimination. (Who decides right or wrong?--haha)
So I struck conversation. I told him that the world perhaps is in need of an America and other developed nations to do some moral policing and he almost bounced at me--he said moral policing is the most sleazy concept to know in a world where theres never a win-win situation--business or security should 1st mind its own business and respect what its meant for--enjoying the difference each country/ individual/ TG posseses--only then can we learn from each other--media always provides thru a screen and behind the screen on the war sits a country with obvious interests in the Oil of the once Taliban laided Kazakistan.
Before all walls of my mind could fall while I was in there I thought of America and China and stopped before I could get bombarded again. Dadagiri I thought is not good for me!!
shifted my mind to the beauty of Sikkm. I thought--though threatened this place by industries and tourists--how mother nature herself takes a toll on the population in times of regular landslides--thinking about the protected monopoly of the state media i thought, what can the young generation here look forward too apart from expecting to earn out of tourists.
Conjuring up on my silence the wise American(my bodhi brother) said the mind of a restless seeker is like a symbol of a snake, eating into its own tail--I love calling it creative destruction--I love the phenomenon of mankind but have not truely understood love.
Wishing your journey to the country brings you what its much promised skies kissed with prosperity proclaim.

Someday soon I want to go to NY and Hawaii.

Warm regards!

Sonia Dsouza said...

They say it’s always the excitement of the unknown.... but something which is 'known' to us & read about.... guess it’s the sheer bliss of just being there… The Aha Feeling!!!
Looking forward to see the spirit of Americas through you! Cheers ;-)

Mee said...

let me first address the curiosity- why the half clad girls?! Well to me the States represent- freedom, indepndance, fearless, glam, blonde, art, all kinds of people find their space there, multicultural, over-the-top...so, to some extent, this was randomly selected because it represents some of the above

Vivek- I can exchange many notes with you on Bhutan - my first ever travel outiside India- so the feelings you describe are so so real:-) Here's to much travel ahead for all- happy discoveries

Venuraj Janakarajan said...

Meenakshi, hoping to see update on your US perspectives, soon. Also pic of receiving the award from SMS.

Rohit Bhargava said...

This is great news - are you still here? I found this post a bit late, but if you are I would love to take you out to coffee!