Uniquely Sweden: random thoughts that stir the memory

Swedes carry really, (really!) large shopping bags. First time I saw it, I cracked up

There are sooo many women with baby carriages. Out on the streets, it looks like...a NASCAR race of baby carriages:) The café exteriors, look like stadium parking lots for these carriages:)

The road rules are not for bucking as we realized. We had to cough up 300 (Kroners) for a speeding ticket, roughly a $40-43 - bummer!! Lesson learnt! But am glad we bucked the law by a HUGE margin heheee

We saw daylight till 10pm, this is the land of midnight sun after all

#LeRouge, a restaurant and bar, we visited was like stepping into French fin-de-diecle. Classic French and Italian menus, where tradition is more important than trendiness. No Swedish minimalism at this bar!

Bought a beautiful silver dolphin from the beach side silver shop. Somehow reminded me of Goa:)

Saw some uniquely talented street side performances. Sipping a coffee at the bay filled with sleek yachts, boats - watching these performances by the roadside-Life:)

In Sweden the right of way is for Dogs, Cows and Cycles first:)

Swedish women don't change their surnames when they get married.

Side-streets and kerbsides are filled with flowers in bloom, almost feel like they are there by design!

One big downside, people push you in the malls and even the cafés and don’t apologize!

Besides blonds and bikes, Sweden is known for great wine. And also for fresh ginger orange marmalade's, great coffee and cheeses, croissants…I got back some of these goodies..:)


melinda said...

Sweden is clearly very hip! I simply love the flair of your writing, u have captured so many aspects, makes reading interesting:)

john said...

ROTFL !! I loved the 'right f way' observation for cycles, dogs, is so true!

RavneetSingh said...

Hahahahahaaa so cows stand in the middle of the road in Sweden too?:) I feel now, India is so international!!:)

R Niranjan Das said...

Thats a nice list of Interesting info about Sweeden.

Al Pereira said...

Picture and word perfect !

Anon said...

Great and informative post Mee - like the way this post is organised - with nuggets of interesting info.


Ajoy Vakil

Neeraj said...

Interesting tid-bits about Sweden- I thought only in India do cows have the right of way! :)

Selena said...

Hahah! I honestly thought Cows were only an India thing!

gita said...

Hey M! I hear they are a 'green' transport country? Don't use cars- instead bicycles?

sanjiv said...

Hey all set for Pharaoh land visit? Hope all will be safe. Stay in touch.

ashish said...

Mee, all your posts on Sweden have been glorious,enjoyed reading them all. If I cant go to a new land, I at least am learning more about them:)

Mee said...

@Mel @Al @Ajoy Vakil @Neerja @- TY!:)

@John - u knw, without exaggeration, hw they love their cycles, nd their cows and their dogs- very endearing:)

@Ravneet - heheee

@R Niranjan Das - TY:)

@Selena - in India the cows are sacred, in Sweden the animals are respected:)

@Gita- spot on! Very green conscious!

@Sanjiv_ yep. Will speak when we meet soon

@Ashish- gratitude for those kind words:)

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