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Swedes are gorgeous looking people. The fashion is ‘stand out’, the jeans tight and the tattoos, common. Chic and hip is how they turn out on the streets to walk their dog or on way to office. Swedes are über-attractive and what makes this sooo cool is their attitude – so calm and relaxed!

Stockholm is clearly (one of) the world’s most dynamic, creative and exciting contemporary urban scenes – leads in urban trends, which is very evident when visiting any furniture store or even a regular corner retail outlet, displaying a remarkable trendy taste. Not surprising the largest Ikea exists right here!

I was charmed by Stockholm, a very affectionate city. Equally very private! There were couples wandering everywhere, but didn't catch any smooching in the middle of the path (contrasting it to Paris). Swedes are shy and that’s what makes them even more adorable. They are shy of talking to strangers, shy of starting a conversation, shy if flirted with and shy of any public display of affection :)

It was very comforting to see Stockholm packed with children and young families. What stood out also was how involved the young fathers are with their kids. Apparently, Sweden is one of the best places to be a woman because of its extremely balanced women’s rights and opportunities. The Govt has instated what’s called, ‘The Daddy Quota”. This says that couples who have a baby must take a combined 450 days of paternity/maternity leave. Pretty cool, eh?:)

There is a richness of music alternatives that baffles, shocks and amazes you. Sweden loves its traditional music, as much as it does the rock and jazz! We had a super cool time in Gotland watching folk theater surrounded by a huge medieval market. It was fun seeing people dressed in medieval outfits, picturing the medieval mindset and time frame of damsels, merchants, war horses and knights in shining armor.

Sweden is a happy nation today. You can’t help but feel happy for Sweden, finally, her people have grabbed the brass ring for themselves. It’s their turn and it’s long overdue. Sweden lost nearly a million people to the United State in the 19th century. Will she lose many more??? Perhaps a few but it’s a good country now and one that values its resources in all senses of the word. Falling in love with Sweden is easy:)


R Niranjan Das said...

My personal experiences with Swedes say that you are absolutely right. Am yet ti visit the country though.


RavneetSingh said...

I can bet my last dollar you did not go to Ikea?:)!

Shweta said...

Wow! Dont know too many people who have visited Sweden, you indeed have captured their uber coolness for sure:) Look fwd to more posts on Sweden- particularly your impressions of Zold Town which I love!:)

brian said...

Looks very inviting.. esp the pic with the loungers by the water body

Anonymous said...

Short and sweet post Meenakshi! Talking of music - wasn't ABBA Swedish?

Get well soon!


Ajoy Vakil

Anonymous said...

Mernakshi - Enjoyed your post again! Reminded me a little if Madrid where we were last Dec. Thousands of people - mostly families in Puerta del Sol (main square) & in Gran Via - the main thoroughfare, until past midnight!
Hope u feel better. I have had back problems & 6 months of physical therapy got me back to shape. Hope u find relief soon!


melinda said...

Maybe I shld pursue my career options in Stockholm, hopefully fall in love with a Swede and settle down there!:)

john said...

I love the Swedish philosophy of “Lagom”= To not do something in excess. For doing the latter would be showing off and that is So not Swedish.
They tend to instead feel a bit embarrassed by the fact that they can do something good. Oh not to mistake, on the inside they are very proud but you will never catch them brag. Its just proper in Sweden to do things “lagom”.

sheila said...

Wowo sounds like you are back on with your travel shoes missy! Happy travels:)

gita said...

Nice post Mee. How are you feeling now? Doc, what does he say?

melinda said...
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ashish said...

Yo! Wasn't Sweden beautiful/:) Absolutely love that country! Glad you had a swell time.

Pharma Pharmer said...

Sorry for delayed comment

It seems fashion comes naturally to them...city ambience also looks quite beautiful

I guess overall Europe is beautiful and chic!


Neeraj said...

Nice... such a great article on Sweden :)

Mee said...

@RNiranjanDas: Yea, very non intrusive, warm culture:)

@Ravneet - u wld have won!

@Shweta - They r soooo uber hip, u have t see it to believe it:)

@Brian - actually even the most inane stuff there looked classy to my eyes:)

@Ajoy Vakil- O yea How on earth did I forget Abba!! Thx AV, am all good now:)

@Chester- Madrid! A must go thr destination for Mee:) Yea back much btr, tho was hellish then. I hope u r well and taking good care of urself:)

@Mel- Brill idea! I shall come n visit u oft:)- in the summer or spring:)

@John- spot on, very private people, perhaps thats why I loved the culture and absorbed much:)

@Sheila, Geeta,- thx both, doing much btr now:) Ty for the appreciation of the post too:)

@Ashish- twas:)

@Pharma Pharmer - yea, in a way u r indeed right, Europe has soo much history and legacy to it, the architecture etc- is all brilliant

Thx @Neeraj

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