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Thank you Blogadda for featuring my blog!:)


RavneetSingh said...

I am not surprised:) Congratulations! Well done!

Nisha said...

Congrats !! Blogadda is a lovely place to get acknowledged.

Just an off track note:- I can see you have wrong url for my blog.

It is :)

P.S.- You can check yours on my travel-links page.

JJJ said...


prerna said...

hey listen, i just saw your comment on my tourism blog--sorry, i just hadnt checked for a long time. please do write to me at


Mee said...

@RS- vry sweet of you to say this:)

@Nisha- stand correted

@JJJ- loved reading your blog recently.TY so much for updating:)

@Prerna- will do soon!

muse said...

Congrats ..mee...wish you would do more of writing ..its a treat!

Mee said...

@muse- you are being very kind. ty:)