What gadgets do you carry when traveling?

In my light traveling mode I often imagine myself zooming off to travel with not much beyond the basic clothing and a piece of flint:)

But in reality when traveling we do pack in lot of gadgets. From iPods to noise-canceling headphones, digital cameras to GPS trackers, they take up space, can consume electricity and distract us from actually enjoying the trip. Things that will keep us safe if left to our own means we can keep ourselves entertained and usefully occupied.

Some gadgets that are a 'must carry' when traveling:

A multi tool holder- knife/corckscrew /pliers

A spare lock

An adapter plug for all devices: laptop, camera charger, cellphone charger, ipod... Its a pain to carry multiple cables all the time.

A handy first-aid travel kit. Must haves: bandages, painkillers essential tools for dealing with the bumps, scrapes, safety pins, duct tape, sting relief wipes, moisturizing wipes, alka seltzers...

A notebook and pen, you never know when the urge to write or make notes may strike

Tip:How do you fit a month’s worth of clothes into a 22-inch carry-on? By sucking the air out with vacuum packing bags. While you’re at it, it never hurts to bring along a half-dozen Ziploc-style bags, too:).

Of course, your ideal gadget list will also depend on what kind of a traveler you are. Hikers and campers may want headlamps instead of flashlights, or hand-crank radios instead of battery-powered, while urbanites may see little use for a first-aid kit. Go ahead and pick your gadget companions sensibly to pack along in the bag:)


Anonymous said...

No matter how much you pack in can you really avoid a situation where you come up n say "Oh sh**, I forgot..." :) Raj

melinda said...

In addition I carry ear plugs, detergent, moleskin, hand sanitizers. I know this is about gadgets but these are equally essential:)

Jim said...

I fly a lot so for me comfort on long haul is a must. I carry er plugs, books, neck pillow, tylenol, eye shades and bottled water if I am allowed to carry through security

john said...

ALways carry an Extra laptop battery

RavneetSingh said...

I do a lot of travelling by road- so in a pinch if I have to leave for somewhr suddenly the boot of the car will always have a large map, guidebook, compass, flashlight, first aid kit, a book, matches and a whistle:) in case I am lost and I need to attract attention. Welcome to the outback:)

Shweta said...

No one wants to forget something.
Everyone asks... What do I need to take with me? Am I forgetting something...this is what I carry always..a camera, an alarm clock, money belt, a bike lock, thermometer, money clip, most important toilet paper:)