Well you know you are in Bandra when

--When you are stuck in a jam simply because a vehicle ahead wants to take a U-turn in a galli so narrow, even Adnan Sami would think twice before walking in.

-- When no matter how cold or warm and the traffic snarl up a little beyond Elco market is cramping your ankles, a lady is manning the traffic junction so effortlessly that if you ever try to hoodwink her, her whistle will surely deafen you or partially maim you

--When a 5 rupee brun maska is simply renamed ‘bagel’ and sold for 175 rupees.

-- When you see a random biker clearing the road at bandstand at 2am because Sallu wants to ride his Hayabusa without landing up in court

-- You are standing outside Crepe Station, but feel you have arrived at Baga beach

-- When 2 or more consecutive gallis you want to drive through are either one way or no-entry

-- When the birdy dance music reaches your ears you know a wedding is taking place and the spirits are high in St Josephs cathedral hall or Stanisluaz school.

-- When Bob can mend any of those gorgeous old designer jeans of mine and have me fit back into them, voila!

--When Andoras or Hearsch's are running full house on rum balls and plum cake and mutton patty;s and mince pies & merry songs are jostling for decibel levels with the jam packed bodies in a tiny 5 x 5 space of the bakeries

--When the shoes and the bags and accessory shops are spilling over and the road traffic is reduced to a one lane on the main roads!

Sigh,Bandra! Am not sure, am happy out of it:) or sad out of it:)


suzanna said...

- When a Christian festival gets all religions together.
- When Sunday mornings smell of perfume outside the churches.
- When while the steak's getting done you can eat a Chinese starter next door.
- When you know the names of most Saints.

Anon said...

Hey emotionally Bandra is the place to be living in. But ratuonally speaking Bandra sucks man!! It takes me 25 -30 mins most days to get out of Bandra lanes and onto the main arterial road:(- Adriano

gita said...

Hey Mee- bandra is a bit like lajpat nagar no? Fun place to go shop, eat and drink but a miserable place to live in. Unless ofcourse if you live in Mannat:)

sanjiv said...

Bandra rocks Mee! The charm is in the small lanes, the village, the churches, the brun n the bagels, andoras n st andrews theatre and even the damn traffic jams:)cmon admit it mee:)

ashish said...

To my mind Bandra lives behind st andrews church whr the century old houses are now declared as heritage structures. Bandra lives in chimbai whr the fishin villages continue to thrive despite being jostled n sometimes elbowed out by the uber urbanites. Bandra lives in the village whr Bob tailor runs his shop and home from and veggies and mutton shops are living peacefully next to each other. These roads were nvr meant for 4 x 4's :) that is the bandra I grew up in and loved. Todays Bandra is awfully cramped and crazy I"d agree!!

Raj said...

Definitely sad!!:) bandra rules!:)

Shweta said...

Bandra sucks man! The rich show off their wealth by man slaughtering humans and being non repentant!! The rich have all the money to smoke pipes and burn cash at huate lounges while the poor sleep on the footpaths shivering in the cold with not a morsel to eat. The rich drive fancy cars and blast their music so that nashik can hear them, the poor are deafened by the sound and don't have a quiet peaceful night wondering who wil crush them to death next. I have nvr seen such disparity in bombay like in bandra it sucks!!ever eat on khaugalli off carters? People stuff their faces with food while the poor keep asking for alms n finally eat out of trash boxes!!

melinda said...

Bandra is hyped way out of proportion am afraid!!

Neelu said...

Rs. 50 for a plate of pani puri which you can enjoy for less than 1/3rd elsewhere? Says it all..

Indian Mobile Guru said...

Hey have any of you seen Adnan recently? Back to the point. Bandra has moved to Malad and Borivali IC colony. Preety cool places to stay.

GreatEscapes said...

not sure if its a pain or a pleasure to be there, but the commentary is definitely lovely :)

Subir said...

Very interesting. i have only been there for a few hours. I'm showing this to ppl there asking for their opinion xD