Ibiza in Bentota

Surfing is an art, a sport, perhaps even a small science, but in Sri Lanka, Bentota it is simple fun, provided you are in luck. The waters are clean and the beaches prettily shaded with palms, but at times the sea gets rough. It is the same beach that saw 10 feet high waves during tsunami, but you’d never figure that looking at the plush hotels and resorts lining the coast.

Many friends got themselves a surfing instructor and that added a sense of adventure to the holiday there. Otherwise this town is a bland resort town teeming with rich Europeans in fragrant corridors

Colombo is comparable to Marine Drive in Bombay. A walk on this promenade is a perfect way to sample a local hangout, if you were stretched for time like I was. It is bustling with candyfloss sellers, street food vendors, hundreds of couples holding umbrellas intact in the face of the sea winds, children frolicking in the water and families out for a fun evening. This is also a city that incorporates the finer things in life such as art, exhibitions, dance, and drama and not to forget great food for non-vegetarians.

Sri Lankans are happy people, humble and tanned. To be on the move in local transport here means you have to ride in a deep red auto rickshaw to feel the Sinhalese power.
There are Tata buses too and the funny vehicles dragged by generator -run engines. There is no better way to interact with locals than to board their local vehicles

And if you are a veggie like me- hunt hard and far for a veg. restaurant besides your own hotel resort. Best luck!


Vivek said...

Holidays in Sri Lanka feature a splendidly picturesque country full of exotic colour, sounds and sensations. Holidays in Sri Lanka feature miles of superb palm-lined golden sand. Wide sandy Sri Lanka beaches enjoy the clear warm water of the exotic Indian Ocean and are idyllic for watching fisherman at work and fabulous sunsets. Sri Lanka beaches also attract watersports fans and diving enthusiasts. Sri Lanka holidays are at their best during the British winter.

Plus I googled a lot of vegetarian dishes as well i.e. Spinach with Lentils, srilankan potatoes (its not a place known for its culinary items for sure)

Frankly I would still be scared to go to a country where there's the LTTE unless I was a journo invited to do a documentary

No disrespect to Sri Lanka pl! but why not Lakshwadeep instead? You might just find a Papa Pancho there :)

Mee said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog, especially the NY section. Made me homesick. I would have put these comments there but I am not a goggle id guy!


Bombay BaNtEr said...

I agree Sri Lanka is a great place to get away from it all. I loved being down there but as beautiful and welcoming as it is, i dont think i could stay there for more than a week. Thats the sad truth with always living in congested, polluted urban environments, your body gets addicted to the grind and torture.
Ibiza is pretty much the same during its off-season, but when Ibiza is at its peak its probably the exact opposite of Lanka. Innocence, peace and beauty is out the window, and rave lights and sounds and millions of junkies is all you'll see :)

God this just makes me realize just how much i miss travelling!

Diwakar said...

Sri Lanka is a real treat. I liked your blog on Bentota...brings back my memory of Sri-lanka...I also feel Indians have really not discovered Sri Lanka as much as Goa.

The people are friendly ( Mr.Vivek...forget about the strife laden news clips)...the hotels and service..(across all range of dwellings) is superb and range of tropical fruits is anmzing.

By the way Indian Rupee is stronger than Srilankan it helps.

Apart from Beaches, my advise would be to explore Kandy as well as spice gardens on way to kandy

Farooque Shaikh said...

Its fun to read your experiences and views on the culture and life of people in different countries especially our neighbour Sri Lanka, which only reminds of LTTE. Life in any parts of the world is good, we just need to visit and experience it. Keep writing on your experiences, its not only fun but also an insight about that place with full of gyaan...all the best for your next trip.

JJJ said...

I haven't been too sri lanka.. i have lankan frnds ..they are so laidback just like our very own goans...and constantly smiling. the picture theyhave painted of not as pretty as all of u say... i guess their description comes from the civil war and economic struggles... however when they came back from home.. they did look happier..was it coz they went home to a place so beautiful or simply coz they were back?!?!?

yes yes yes must go someday to colombo... i am not fond of watersports but love beach towns...soo thank u once again meenakshi..for making me want to travel !

mathatheist said...

Sri Lanka is beautiful, and reminds me so much of Kerala - the food, the people, the umberellas. :)

My memories from Lanka are of a chilled glass of ginger beer at Paradise Road Cafe, eating on the terraces on the rock hewn Kandalama Hotel, climbing up Sigiriya and feeling so soulful at the ruins of Pollanaruwa. I loved the food, the hospitality, and above all, the simple and elegant aesthetics of the Lankans. And, then of course there's all the shopping. :)

Mee said...

Hey Vivek! Every place has its own charm:) Kakshwadeep n Andamans are pending for me:)

Orlando:) see whr thr is a will thr is a way:)

Bombay banter have u started on the road yet?:)

Diwakar - yep!:)

Mee said...

Faruk, J Mathatheist:)