Travelling can be weird sometimes

I've gotten to a lot of far-away places I'd probably never have visited on my own (Russia, Cambodia, Lebanon) which is cool.
As for the wierd part, most of the time we just work ourselves silly, from morning to very late at night, sleep, and start over again.
On one particular trip we managed to get everything done early in the day, and had nothing to do by evening! So there I was with 2 colleagues trying to figure out how to entertain ourselves. The wierd part was that even though we spent countless hours together working, we had no idea how to socalize together. It was wierd, we were like junior high school kids "What do you want to do?" "I dunno, what do you wanna do?":-)


Diwakar said...

Vow !......."Working together and knowing how we need to team up to deliver high quality, but not knowing how to socialize together "!

all of us should be thrown in such situations which make us learn how to know each other rather than just work with each other.

Cues for HR !

Bombay BaNtEr said...

Junior high kids arent that eloquent anymore... Its more like "DUHHHHHHHHHHhh....DUDE?!"

I think its the pot ;)

Aradhana said...

This is an eye -opener especially as one spends most of our waking hours with our teams at work be thrown into a simple social arrangement like this and be clueless......for sure i feel we need to look at the people rather than the professionals around us as each one has a story to tell anecdote to share and something to add to our lives ......hope to read soon about an interesting trip where you actually went to learn about business and came about knowing about some interesting people too.....after we are into the business of Communication ....

Mee said...

Diwakar- H R? do they know anything about people?:-)

Bombay banter- probably :)

Aradhana- hmmm