Architecture Thrives

I found myself narrating to a friend that I was most fascinated with the structures of buildings in America- and this friend said to me- anybody who is caught seen looking up in NYC is a tourist!J And I thought it would have been a camera that would be a dead giveaway!J

Well its true, I was fascinated with the architecture in NYC! I mean wow! Such fabulous looking unique from each other in design, buildings! Awesome

I discovered New York is home to the world’s first tall commercial buildings and has a heritage of skyscraper history like no other city.

Since the occupied Dutch days of America – the city of New York has not lost the aggressive, business-like spirit they planted there.

Tall, creative, unique, inspirational, wow are some words that I used oft when in NYC, looking up skywards, completely in admiration


Raj said...

absolutely fantastic..lucky u..i sincerely hope that our brothers from the realty community, the lokhandwalas n the rahejas try n replicate some of these outta here..

Diwakar said...

This posting by Meenakshi worth pondering over........

Ya, NYC is amazing and neck breaking (one is constantly looking up to catch the sunlight!). But what is equally amazing is the drama, which unfolds down below on the roads.

I was simply awestruck with the “Right of Way to Pedestrian” policy on the roads. I drive in Mumbai road mayhem daily and very well understand the plight of the drivers who always fear that some one would jump on the roads. It would have been a blessing had we also implemented the Right of Way for the pedestrians here. But then for that you need pedestrian discipline as well.

No one walks on the pavements. Now surely no one would give the lack of pavements as an excuse. Yes, infrastructure for pedestrians is bad in India, but so is the infrastructure bad for the drivers. What happens wherever we have clean pavements? Those pavements serve as tiled floors of ever-rising shanties and washbasins. Drive through the back of kamala Mills off tulsi pipe road and one would see life on the roads. By the way lack of parks serve to turn the roads into playgrounds for toddlers as well. Now surely care for underprivileged and homeless will not be touted as an explanation for the mayhem on roads and pavements.

What Meenakshi writes has far wider implications for growth of cities than just a description from the traveler’s eyes. For me it insinuates towards greater need for making our cities aesthetically appealing and qualitatively worth living.

They say some places catch your attention the moment you set your sight on them, while others just grow on you. I love amchi Mumbai, but wait for the day when this place starts growing on me from discipline, cleanliness and convenience perspectives.

Coming back to NY…it really grows on you. The sight to behold is NY silhouetted against setting sun. A picture postcard always.

WWG said...

Hi :) good photos:)
looking from Qu├ębec Canada

WWG :)

Mee said...

Raj- I wonder when tat wil happen?!

Diwakar wwg ty