Kolad, Maharashtra - a beautiful hideout

The place is magical. A perfect getaway

Within driving distance from Maximum city, this is that unplanned break youv’e been looking for, a week-end hideout on short notice. If you are a nature lover then this adage for Kolad is true – Path to glory is always better than the destination. Various ponds, a deep blue river,  floating clouds in the vast expanse of sky, beautiful Sahyadri range in the backdrop, fresh air to breathe – and the best part? The less headcount! Mumbai, Pune residents prefer Lonavala as their getaway, while Kolad is for those who want to beat the rush and give people a miss.

The drive to our friend’s farmhouse was beauteous to say the least. The dense lush green captures the heart & mind & eyes- sheer heaven! 

Kolad is approx.. 25kms ahead of Pen, fromPanvel

This tiny village in Mahad is picking up popularity for rafting and trekking. Beautifully situated near the Sahyadri range, there are trek paths which are easy, not stony, slippery, steep or tough. Kolad also has a gushing Kundalika river, known for its fast flowing water, hence the ideal locale for river rafting right thru the year. The reason behind its fast flowing is the releasing of water from nearest dam. Another sport that seems to be high on everyones list is paragliding, which we lazy people missed, for over sleeping in the morning! .

If religiously inclined, thr is something there for you as well.
Given India’s social fabric, most families owe allegiance to the presiding deity of the particular village from where the family or ancestors originated.  In present times when many people have shifted to urban areas, it is difficult to keep this bond alive on a day-to-day basis, so people visit the local temple. Many Indians make it a point to visit their native place at least once a year, most likely the day when the deity’s annual utsav is held.  The weekend we were in Kolad, we witnessed a huge congregation of people going towards Tamhini for the deity Vinzai devi’s blessings.

If you aren’t as lucky as us to have a friend living in this village, fret not. There are beautiful cottages and tents available on hire on the banks of the river constructed to give the appearance of a home, where you can relax & camp; enjoy the peace and quite. It is the perfect place to stay for a group/ family to relax and unwind.

A final tip: ensure the spare wheel of your car is in working condition. Be prepared to be cut off completely at times as the mobile network is iffy in these parts. Kolad is lush green heavenly in the monsoons, so plan a visit in the rains.