My best friends dream wedding on the beach!

Beach weddings are only for beach 'bums' said a friend who wasn’t invited to the wedding. So I listened, smiled inwardly and contained my excitement with much difficulty to not hurt her feelings any further.

I arrived at this resort which was located right on the beach of Fisherman’s cove, dropped my bags merrily and hurriedly changed into my tanning attire ready to hit the beach. All my friends were, as expected, on the beach in a fun happy mood, lazing about - I was just in time for some cold fizz and a sumptuous lunch on the beach. Over the days I discovered the look and feel of the wedding was a mix of Egyptian and Latino moods and ofcourse Indian rituals:)

And soon I was told how the next few days were to unfold- seemed like a long party ahead:) My arrival day ended with an all night party where the invitees were just friends. It was one of those non stop night of dancing with my feet not tiring at all.

By the time we hit our rooms it was 8am the next morning, after a superbly luxurious breakfast. I crashed out nearly all day- woke up at 4pm with the sun mocking at me for my tanning plans were soon fading and I quickly changed into beach clothes and met the family and friends again who were also coming awake my time to begin the mehendi ceremony. Sitting on the beach under these beautiful white sun umbrellas on deck chairs which were strewn with summery flowers, diet cokes and beer for company, this private beach was only for the wedding couple and their friends. The glorious sunset, Punjabi mehendi songs played loud against the crashing of the waves on the shore, shimmering twinkling lights on the beach were lit as evening sky gave way to darkening clouds and the mood became merrier with many coming alive to dancing to Indian steps and songs and the party was alive and once again rocking.

I would easily qualify this wedding to be a huge class act on a beach, with so much fun and joy thrown in because of this unique venue. The great outdoors and at that a beach made all the difference. I didn’t see no frayed nerves, no frowns no relatives hassled, everything progressed smoothly and happily and everyone indulged in fun and laughter.

The mehendi ceremony gave way to an elegant evening with the glam quotient climbing notches higher as there were guests who came from the film industry and the theater and tv world. We once again had a blast on the beach with nobody really hanging out in the shamianas but everybody kicking off their high heels to dance on the sand as the music wattage kept climbing higher into the night.

If you are ever attending a beach wedding let me quickly throw in a word of advise- it doesn’t matter what shoes you wear -attractive 6inches tall, stilettos, clumps or whatever- eventually you have to give up on your shoes as the sand or the red carpet is simply not conducive to them – you are better off in flats or platforms:)

While I know they are not very attractive, I'd rather have my comfort and be happy than be slipping and sliding awkwardly in between the wedding and the reception when everyone is taking pictures – you don’t want to be caught in a clumsy mode on camera:) - I saw so many heels sink into the sand !! Bleh!

Us girlfriends finally caught our breath and huddled around a campfire by night and simply sipped wine and soaked in the night sky and stars and the love we felt for each other. Soon we knew – the next day- our friend was going to be the Mrs:)

We were all up bright and early the next day- set to help each other, furiously getting ready for the big affair, all of us looking our prettiest, and we 5 friends walked down from the hotel to the beach layout done up so very beautifully for the wedding rituals. It was so breath taking. The wedding ceremony took about 45 mins, it felt so very different despite the same rituals when conducted in a ballroom of a 5 star hotel. Soon the wedding ceremony was over and the party was on in earnest again. Much mingling and exchange of phone numbers and promises to stay in touch – this wedding was for someone like me who absolutely hates attending formal weddings, a blast of happiness, fun and frolic! This wedding on the beach lent itself to easy informality, and never compromised on the full formal ceremony. There was more than enough space for all guests to be comfortable, and the beach was within easy reach from the hotel, accessible for a quick dash for a phone call or change of shoes, the ambiance was exotic and unique with the lone flutist playing live in the background. I am still smiling…